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Panorama huts – Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort

Experience unique accommodation in one of our 25 Panorama Huts. One unit is suitable for two adults or a family of three (16.5 m2). The Huts provide an intimate space for relaxation in close proximity to the pure nature of Lapland. The wide window brings you as close to the wilderness as possible, allowing you to be close to Lapland’s nature even whilst inside.

The Huts, having been inspired by nature’s own building materials, represent a modern Lappish accommodation style and blend in perfectly with the Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort’s natural surroundings. The Huts are their own units with the qualities and comfort of hotel rooms. The rooms feature queen/twin beds. In order to develop a sustainable solution for seasonal accommodation the Huts have been designed to be convertible for transportation to different locations within Finland.

Crédits photo : Wild Nordic

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Main building and sauna – approx. 100 m
Walking/snowshoe routes – approx. 150 m
Rovaniemi International Airport – 19 km
Rovaniemi city centre and railway station – 23 km
Santa Claus Village – 16 km

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