Aurora Cabins Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi – gaze at the arctic sky from the comfort of your bed

Imagine spending the whole night under the open sky, but in a warm bed. In our Aurora Cabins Glass Igloos you are always in position to see the sky, so you have a great chance to witness the auroras shimmering and dancing above.

Just pour a glass of wine and admire the view with your loved one – in complete comfort and privacy.

The surroundings of Apukka Resort offer the most marvelous possibilities for exploring the winter wonderland of Lapland. Whether you are searching for the Northern Lights, wish to try your skills on a snowmobile or maybe have always dreamt of dog sledding in the midst of the snowy landscapes, this is the place for you! Have a look at our winter activities and combine the Aurora excursions, snowmobile and husky safaris, Finnish sauna experiences and all the other thrilling winter activities we have to offer into the adventure of your dreams! No matter if you are staying overnight in Apukka Resort or Rovaniemi city, Apukka Resort offers something for everyone.

Our hotel is located in Rovaniemi just about 10 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village to north. 

Crédits photo : Apukka Resort.

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